The “Adjustment” Phase

Let’s talk about that annoying phase where you feel like you’re getting more breakouts than usual, you’ve developed dry patches and your skin feels extra oily. It’s completely normal by the way, but why does this happen?

Our skin is a very particular and complicated system. We like to think of it as a factory. Your factory has lots of machines and workers (cells and systems) that create the end product (your skin). When your factory isn’t functioning properly it produces an unhealthy end product. This can be caused by; incorrect skincare, environmental factors, poor diet, gut health, stressors, medications, hormones etc.

Initially starting on dermatological skincare and treatments, your skin factory does a back loop to try to rid itself of all the unnecessary ingredients it was using and make room for all the new, amazing ingredients to be taken up.

How does this happen?  

Dermatological skincare contains physiological ingredients (ingredients that the body recognises) that are designed to mimic the skin’s structure to have a positive impact on the functions of the skin. The ingredients that are applied to the skin are designed to restore the skin back to optimal health. When done so, they have the ability to remove waste product from the skin, including ingredients from past products that may still be sitting within the top layer of the skin, known as the Epidermis. This can sometimes cause an immune response.

Basically, your skin is doing a spring clean and throwing out the garbage. This process is very individual as some people will go through an adjustment phase and some will not. Common symptoms of the adjustment phase may include:

  • Irritation/Inflammation

  • Feeling extra dry or oily

  • Purging/ breakouts

  • Dry patches/flakiness

  • Overall imbalances 

It is all completely normal and we’re here to support you through your journey! Remember: whatever is sitting within the deeper layers of the skin, must come out eventually to create a healthier skin for long-term results.

Emma ThwaiteComment